Ralf Knoche
bild Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Crisis in Syria – Post-evaluation of completed shelter projects
Period: 02/2014 – 03/2014
Employer: Johanniter International Assistance (JUH)
Description: Since March 2011 there are protests against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Violence and beastliness in Syria increased. For this reason more than 2.4 million Syrian refugees were registered at UNHCR in February 2014 and fled mainly to the neighbouring countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Almost 600,000 Syrians were recorded in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. For this reason JUH conducted a fact-finding mission to Jordan and Lebanon to assess the refugee situation in the region in autumn 2012.

As a consequence JUH opened an office in Amman, Jordan in January 2013. Since mid-March 2013 JUH is implementing projects in the field of assistance to Syrian refugees in the Lebanese Republic and in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In Jordan JUH operates with the local implementing partner Jordan Health Aid Society (JHAS). JHAS is a medical non-governmental organisation (NGO), with key competences in the field of health.

Main tasks within the project, funded by the German Foreign Office (AA) are the following:
• Distribution of NFI
• Maintenance works in refugee shelters, with special emphasis on
water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

In the field of WASH JUH installed additional water tanks (generally plastic tanks with a volume of 2 m³) to ensure sufficient water supply. In addition pipes were laid, if necessary sinks, latrines and showers were installed. Beyond minor repair, additional measures were carried out, such as electrical wiring, mosquito nets at windows, partitioning walls, installation of doors and windows as well as painting of rooms. Until mid-February 2014 more than 1,470 shelters part were rehabilitated.
Services provided: - Evaluation of completed projects: Definition of quality standards, visit
of shelters, cost comparison and development of evaluation tool
- Assessment for follow-up projects: Check of existing documents and comparison of requirements of donor, development of assessment
tool, technical assessment
- Consultancy: Conclusion and comparison of different technical
specifications applied, development and realisation of workshop,
concept for follow-up projects under consideration of lessons
learned and crosscutting issues